Video Editing Basics: All you Need To Know [+ Get a Free Video Editor Link]

There are millions of amazing videos online. If you want your video to stand out, your editing should be professional. Video editing may seem daunting for beginners, but with the right online video editing tools, you can surely create a killer video. 

With a few important tips for video editing, you can format your video like a pro. Let’s go ahead and take the plunge.  

  • Start With A Plan 

Do you know what a professional editor does before he begins his work? He creates a work plan. Planning before starting to edit will make the editing process more productive and less exhausting. 

You just have to think about the effect it will have on the audience. Think about the audio effects you are going to add. When you make the decisions right at the start, your final editing will be much faster.

  • Make Sure You Tell A Good Story

The purpose of every video is to tell a story. If you want to tell a story, the editing should make sure of the video.

  1. Conveys the mood of the video
  2. Imparts the message correctly 
  3. Evokes the right emotions in the viewers
  4. Draws the audience into it. 

To draw the audience into the video, you should choose the best angles and use them. You should use more close up shots to convey the mood of the video and to evoke the right emotions. You should give more attention to the body language of the speakers to impart the message to the viewers.

  • Choose The Right Background Music 

Background music is the backbone of a video. Without the right audio, your video will not be effective. The music should not be too loud. The volume should be refined and should not dominate the voiceover. 

The music should help in delivering the mood and emotions of the video. Just choosing one of your favorite tracks as the background music will not serve the purpose.

  • Give Importance To Colour Correction 

Colors play an essential role in videos. You can use colors to show the time of the day, the mood of the characters, and the cultural background of the video. The videos are generally shot in a flat format. It can be dull without color correction

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While editing, you should adjust the brightness, the contrast, the sharpness, and saturation to make sure none of the details of the videos is lost.

  • Include Texts And Graphics

Using texts is important. There is no doubt about that, but you should remember a few tips.

    • The size of the text should not be too small or too big. 
    • Select the right font to suit your video. Some videos need straightforward fonts, and some need abstract ones. 
    • Texts should not obstruct the images behind.
    • You should ensure that your text is not cut off while reformatting. 
    • You should not leave the text on the screen for too long. It should be there only for the read time. 
    • Script the text to make certain that the video makes sense even when played without audio.
  • Choose The Right Video Editing Tool 

The best thing about video editing these days is that you can create videos like a pro with the right video editing tool. However, with too many tools out there, it is not an easy task to select the right one. 

The tools with powerful features and advanced editing techniques may tempt you, but you may not be comfortable in using them, and you may not use most of the features in it. The editing tool that you choose should suit your needs. 

It should be easy to use and understand. It should fit into your budget. There are many free editing tools that will save you money. InVideo (free video editor) is a wonderful tool to create video intro, and it is free. Similarly, there are more tools available for editing videos from the beginning to the end. 

  • Learn a few important professional lingoes 
    • Standard-cut – Connects two clips, the last frame of one clip, and the starting of the next. 
    • Montage – sequencing of short shots to show the passage of time and to condense space and information. 
    • Cutaway – Inserting a view or adding visual information that is not related to the current action. 
    • J cut – Audio of a later scene precedes the video
    • L cut – Audio of the first scene continues when the next video is playing
    • Wipe – Replacing one shot with another wiping the first shot into the next one 
  • Give some breathing space before editing
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Taking a break before editing will help in thinking of a new perspective and coming up with a new idea to make your video better. It will allow your brain to refocus. Take a break for every now and then to prevent your brain from entering into a dead end. Get the help of some close friends and colleagues because a fresh set of eyes may be able to discover a problem that you overlooked. 


Video editing is vital as it decides the final video. If done perfectly, you are assured of an amazing end product. 

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