Top Challenges Encountered by iOS App Development Company During App Development

Since the inception of the iPhone in 2007, it has completely revolutionized the way things work across sectors. Along with the innovation and advancement in technology, it has brought a huge change in society and also stood apart from other mobile application development platforms. New mobile apps are being made constantly by mobile app developers and iOS app development company to meet the growing demand of customers and to establish a better connection between the service provider and iPhone users.

With the rise in competition, and to attract the audience, iOS developers and app development companies need to focus on developing unique apps and overcome various challenges in the way of iOS app development. Below are some of the major challenges faced during iOS app development.

App Compatibility

For app compatibility in iOS, developer or development company first need to find out the definite version of iOS that application will support. There are higher chances of bringing in more users if the developer or iOS app development company adopts new versions. Moreover, it is also important to design the app that is compatible with other Apple gadgets such as iPads and iPods.

Storage and Memory Limitations

Limitations of memory and storage are one of the common challenges that mobile app developer has to deal with. Even if the developer is designing a single version of the iOS, several devices operate on one version and every device has a memory restriction. This memory and storage limitation discourage users from installing apps that consume a lot of memory and have limited storage. In order to avoid this, the app developer needs to consider the demand of the app such as memory consumption.

Application Security

Mobile app security of the app is one of the most vital factors that should be considered by the app developer and iOS app development company during the app development. Building a very strong security layer is important in order to prevent a mobile app from being hacked and avoiding data from being breached. Also developing an advanced security layer can help developers in avoiding the data breach.

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App Approval from the iOS App Store

Getting approval for the app from the iOS app store is one of the topmost challenges for iOS app developers. Once the app is developed it cannot be released instantly as it needs approval from the App Store. Moreover, Apple’s App Store has set some rules for a mobile app for iOS and these rules keep on changing, hence, developer and iOS app development company needs to remain up to date with the rules.

Battery Life Related Challenge

Consumers are not satisfied with the performance of some of the apps that they install on their smartphone, the main reason is the app consumes a lot of battery life. Hence, it is necessary to develop an app that does not suck the battery life of the phone. Here, developers or the app development company can come up with some innovative ideas to improve the mobile app performance.

Internet Speed

The speed of the internet can also raise some concerns if the app contains videos and other streaming services that consume a lot of data. However, to tackle the problem of internet speed, some companies have found a viable solution for adjusting the video quality to reduce data consumption. Moreover, app optimization can also help in checking the data.

Cross-Platform Application

With the use of various devices, customers are giving priority to the apps that can be synchronized easily with laptops, computers, tablets, and phones. This is also influencing app developers and iOS app development companies to develop cross-platform apps. Regardless of the video or document-based app, the thing that matters is the easy access on all the devices.

User Experience Design

With the change in design trends, developers, and app development companies need to focus on the latest trends while designing the user experience of the app. Developers also need to work with various types of design such as flat, material, and anthropomorphic design.

Beta Testing

Beta testing is one of the most optimal methods that can be implemented to test the app’s performance. By testing, developers can ensure a smooth app function and also identify if there is any problem in the app. Beta testing also helps in identifying bugs and ensure better performance of the app. The iOS app development company can recognize possible failures and receive valuable feedback and fix the problem in the app before its launch.

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The aforementioned challenges are usually faced by the developers during the iOS app development process. However, hiring a well-experienced app developer and being familiar with each new update released by Apple can help the iOS app development company overcome various challenges.

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