Tips and Tricks for Free Online Streaming

Tips and Tricks for Free Online Streaming

Sometimes we become bored with our daily routine of watching TV shows and other programs which are oftentimes repetitive and become boring. We, therefore, look for an alternative to beat that boredom by maybe buying movies or subscribing to sites that provide platforms for watching different kinds of movies at a cost. This can be costly and sometimes to maintain a daily service. However, there are ways one can enjoy favorite movies on a daily service for free. Watching movies is one of the best ways one can pass time during free hours.

Nowadays movies can not only be watched on a set of the TV at home but through online streaming on your set of smart TV, smartphone, tablet or any other smart gadget. Modern age technology has made everything quite easy by making the internet mostly available. By accessing different websites on the internet one can have free online streaming of favorite movies.

What some of these sites require is appropriate software or either plug-in that can help you watch the movies without any difficulties. Some of these that are commonly used to watch movies include Adobe Flash Player, Quick Time, Windows  Media Player, Real Player, and VCL Media Player. These are preferred plug-ins but some websites provide specific software as part of their extension which is embedded on their sites. Such software allows you to watch movies directly from such sites without difficulties.

In addition, there is a free online streaming search engine which makes it easier for search options. With the free online streaming search engine, you don’t need to go through the website looking through the available long list of choices for your favorite movie. When you have the right version video for watching movies, you can watch the movies of your choice absolutely free of charge.

Before deciding on which movie to watch, it is better if you go through all the available sites. This is because each site is different from the other with the kind of movies they offer. Some sites have few movies while others have a list of favorite movies you can choose from. The other reason why you have to go through a list of different websites is that certain movies work best with specific browsers.

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Also, take keen note on websites that require you to download or install certain software that is based on their websites before you can now start watching free online streams. Below is a list of the best ways one can stream TV and movies free of charge:


This is a top contender in providing excellent selection of free streaming of movies, TV shows, and original content. Owned by Sony, Crackle allows you to stream content free of charge on your PlayStation 3 or 4, smart TV, Smartphone, tablet or current Xbox. Current top-class movies found on Crackle include Click, Joe Dirt and Underworld. It also offers popular TV shows like The Shield, Seinfeld and Damages and many more. In addition, Crackle provides original content which features programs like Sports Jeopardy by Dan Patrick, the series The Ropes which is produced and directed by Vin Diesel. It also offers older movies like Steel Magnolias and The Bourne Ultimatum.


Popcornflix is also another highly ranked site that offers free online movies. It has a constant flow of latest movies from Screen Media Ventures. It has a constant updated list of 1,500 movies that feature comedy, horror, cartoon, action, drama, family, romance, documentaries and sets of foreign films. In addition, Popcornflix offers web and film school originals and doesn’t require you to create an account. You simply select on the movie of your choice and then play to watch free of charge.

Popcornflix plays all the movies in a large video player and lets you make GIFs from scenes. You can as well make comments that are pinned to particular parts of movies.


Yidio allows you to search and watch your favorite TV shows and movies across Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and other providers in a centralized place. The site offers free stand-alone content but it is outstanding when combined with other providers like Amazon, Netflix, and Hulu. They bring all the content required at hand in a centralized platform making it easier for you to search and watch everything you might need.

Another amazing feature found on Yidio is the flexibility of sorting the movies by popularity and recently added. Some of the common and amazing genres include TV movies, Family, Musical, Classics, Animation, Special Interest, Indie, Suspense and much more.

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It is the most recognized site providing both free and premium services. The premium service costs $7.99 per month. The free content provided by Hulu is quite amazing as it has an updated list of current movies and TV shows without commercials. Some of the free services provided by Hulu include Modern Family, Nashville, Once Upon a Time and Nashville. They also have a free trial for 30 days.


This is another site that offers free online movies with a list of over 10, 000 films which allows you to search by genre or by title. The list of films available has been noticed to change but offer free movies like Alive Inside, Lost for Life, Forever, Medea, The Corporation, Men in Love and much more. SnagFilms works on most of the devices and has minimal ads with its movies grouped into unique collections.


Tubi has high quality and popular movies and TV shows which can be streamed for free. With Tubi, you can enable subtitles for most of the movies provided. Some of the free content provided includes drama, romance, documentary, comedy, kids and horror movies. Other genres include Best of British, Women First, Wild Things, after hours and Grindhouse.


Although it might not be amongst the top priority on the best free online streams, Vudu has several content that you can watch for free. The movies found here are of high quality and allows you to filter and sort films in a number of ways. It also allows you to buy and rent movies.

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