Top 10 mobile phones under $500

Top 10 mobile phones under $500 to Purchase in 2021

With each passing day, more and more phones are being released into the market. More improved phones with better features than the current ones. With every improved feature comes a higher price. It is easy for you to assume that with the latest releases, it is hard for you to find a phone that fits your budget with all the latest features. Such as a large screen, a long-lasting battery, and a high speed. This is not true as you can find phones under $500 on an online mobile store.

Below is a list of top mobile phones that you can buy under $500.

  1. One plus 7 

This phone comes with a 6.41-inch display screen. Rear Camera – 48MP + 5 MP , Front Camera – 16MP and also comes with 2.84GHz Snapdragon 855 octa-core processor and 3700mAH long-life battery.

  1. Moto G7 plus

It comes with a stylish design and takes a short time to charge. It has a large display screen of 6.2 inches. It has a long battery life of 3000mAh.

  1. Motorola Moto G6

It has a low price and has a wide range of features to offer. Its rear panel is made of glass. It offers wireless charging. It features a large screen of 5.4 inches and has good battery life. It has a great quality camera both rear and front.

  1. Nokia 6.1

It has a great build quality and offers and Android One OS. It has a good screen size of 5.5 inches and an average battery life.  It features a great quality camera.

  1. Apple iPhone 5S

Among the inexpensive apple phones. It has an easy touch ID and a great camera. It has short battery life.

  1. Sony Xperia XA1

A great phone at a pocket-friendly price with a high-quality camera and great display. Has a slick feel and look. Features a 5-inch screen.  It has a 2300mAh low battery.

  1. LG Q6

It has a good screen size of 5.5 inches. The battery life is sufficient and has good speed. It has a nice design and is a dual sim. The camera provides good quality pictures and an appealing design.

  1. Nokia 3.1

This is a great budget phone. Ideal for a person looking for a first phone. It has a great build quality and a high display. Pictures taken using this phone are high quality and has a good screen size of 5.2 inches.

  1. Nokia 8
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Features a good display screen of 5.3 inches and a dual-lens camera with great quality pictures. It has an 835 processor giving it great speed.

  1. Huawei Nova 3i

An affordable phone which features a 710 AI processor and dual-lens cameras.

You can get a good phone with great features with a pocket-friendly price. Using our list of the top mobile phones under $ 500, you can never miss a phone with the qualities that you are looking for. Go through the phones and settle for one that suits you. You can then purchase it on an online mobile store.

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