In Pursuit of Status: How You Become a Slave to Money

What is poverty for you, and what is wealth? Is there a place for something average between these extremes? Everyone has their own view on this issue, but at the same time, everyone is a slave to money. When you know material goods that money can provide you with, you learn about wealth and can feel the same effect as the French philosopher Denis Diderot. He spent most of his life in poverty because he did not care about material wealth. Everything changed when he received a new robe.

The robe was magnificent and made a great impression on the philosopher. Diderot realized that the new robe did not fit in with his house, and he began to buy new things to change the situation.

Soon, Diderot was in debt and said a phrase that describes the essence of people whose mind is taken by the desire to accumulate material wealth, “I was the absolute master of my old robe. I became a slave to the new one.” You should do your best, not being a slave to money.

  1. The Diderot effect.

The purchase of new material goods should not turn into an exceptional event because every new purchase will complicate the situation. Consumerism is one of the social models that marketers effectively use, coming up with various promotions and arranging goods on the shelves in the store so that you make an unplanned purchase. Even a philosopher who had lofty values became a slave to money and new things.

A poor man can show his ease, not thinking about appearance, but a rich man is always under certain pressure. A simple robe was able to change the world view of the great philosopher and, as a result, brought a lot of grief. So, what is the real problem, and how not to be a slave to money?

  1. What do you strive for?

If you have bought a good thing, you will no longer want to choose something of a worse quality. You will strive to get money and to buy goods, which correspond to your comfort zone and which, in your opinion, can raise the status in society. Evolution in behavior is one of the reasons why you buy new products and associate them with dignity and status.

In some social groups, image and status are important not only for survival but also for attracting new friends, desire partners and raising children (though it’s not all that important in case if you want to start a family with one of the beauties from Being a slave to money is a great desire to look good in the eyes of others.

Luxury brands such as BMW are betting on advertising for all people, regardless of income level. This may seem strange, but only until you understand that they are aimed at selling a car and erecting their products in the status “only for the elite.” Their task is to make everyone understand how valuable their product is, and therefore, it will reflect the status of the owner.

  1. In pursuit of status.

Many people will always be dissatisfied with their financial situation. The problem is not that they do not really have enough money but in the very perception of the norms of this world. Status is nothing but a hierarchy that reflects the position of one person in society in relation to another one. The pursuit of status, the desire to have a bigger house than a neighbour’s one, is a biological and evolutionary program that control you. However, this does not mean that you should become a slave to money because being concentrated on building a big house, you can leave all your strength and health there.

  1. False values.

Nowadays, every second person tries to impose a certain way of life on you and form an image of a successful person in the mind. The possession of material values has become the main criterion. This is the main danger of consumerism, you substitute true desires for false ones and satisfy them with money.

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