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There are several websites which only sell limited edition items like clothing, shoes of a particular brand which is important to collectors.

Buying them from a website is a daunting task and there are several ways to try to be among the few hundred buyers to get your hands on those limited-edition sneakers or clothing.

Today, we will discuss bypassing the various security or DDoS checks performed by these websites to avoid DDoS attacks.

Many try to access this website during the sale and it almost ends up being sold in an instant.

If you alone are accessing the website, the chances to get your hands on the limited merchandise may decrease from slim to none.

Don’t worry as there are several ways that we will discuss to ensure that you are among the few lucky people.

Supreme with Proxies

The Supreme application is an effective tool that provides excellent features to overcome the limited-edition site access with multiple entry points and constant retry automation until a successful access point is gained.

Proxies for the Supreme bot can be an effective method to bypass all the security steps of the website.

Let’s check out the unique features that assist in buying limited edition items off of various websites.

Also, for your information, this application is compatible with all devices and operating systems.


  • Keyword Finder assists you in finding the exact item you are searching for at high speeds
  • Color Switcher is an excellent feature which can be entered before you start your search along with the keyword
  • Site monitor is vigilant about the site and any notifications about sales and new items
  • Automated add to cart and check out features assist in adding your desired item to cart instantly and check out process being automated with the relevant information ore-fed to the system
  • Attempts are being constantly made in case of any prior failed attempts to check out a particular item
  • Proxies are aliases created by the application which increases your chance hundredfold which means that instead of one person accessing the website to purchase limited-edition merchandise, there will be 10 or more proxies accessing at the same time
  • Unlimited tasks and multiple items purchase assist in running multiple proxies or tasks at the same time while purchasing multiple items with the automated checkout process
  • Many have provided positive feedback about this app being one of the best apps which work for including shoes, shirts, pants, apparel, hats and more
  • The auto-typing feature helps overcome any captcha programs installed by the website to avoid bot access, this is a much-needed feature which has been recently updated to the latest version of Supreme. With this, Supreme is complete and perfect for shopping those limited-edition goodies.
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Final Thoughts

When one person cannot do it, add a few more have been effectively implemented here but without the physical addition.

Your proxies or digital aliases will work 10 times harder to get you what you need.

I hope this information helps you in buying those goods that aren’t sold for long.

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