Fun Tech Pranks you can do on April Fool’s Day

Are you tired of being the only one in your group getting pranked on April’s Fools day and want some payback?

Well, with these fun tech recommendations, you can pull a variety of pranks using everyday gadgets around you. This makes it not only hilarious but also convenient and straightforward to do.

TV Primetime

This prank takes advantage of the smart televisions today and the features it offers. With the parental controls, you can lock and unlock specific channels, making for a lot of fun at another’s expense.

The choice of channels you decide to keep unlocked is up to you. By pushing a few buttons, you can ensure the next person who uses the TV can only watch the channels you selected.

They could be left with only a handful of channels. These could be ones with strictly cooking shows, international music videos or preschool shows. (Who doesn’t love to watch the Teletubbies from time to time?).

It probably won’t take that long for the person to realize what you did, but it does make for a bit of fun on April Fool’s day.

The Blurry Monitor

This prank is not only a great way to frustrate and confuse someone, but also to question their memory and sanity. The blurry monitor prank is what it says on the label, to make their monitor blurry for a day just enough to be a nuisance. To begin, you must go to their computer and select control panel, and from there turn down the brightness and turn up the contrast. The brightness and contrast must be adjusted only slightly so it won’t be obvious. Subtle changes will avoid suspicion while making them believe something’s off.

Every time he or she leaves the room, just repeat the process. Do this for an entire day and your victim will be entirely convinced they have a faulty monitor or have serious eyesight problems.

Prank Call using Prank Call Apps

ownagepranks Prank Call Apps are primarily used to make prank calls, except it has additional benefits, and will provide user anonymity. There are three types of Prank Call Apps you can use. The first offers pre-recordings which are scripted and voiced by professionals. For this app recommendation, we have decided to choose the OwnagePranks app as it is a personal favourite.

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The OwnagePrank app offers pre-recordings which are unique and realistic enough to trick your friends, some of these include ‘Cat Facts’, ‘Why you Call My Girlfriend’, ‘You Kick My Dog’. It’s simple, select a pre-recording, enter the number you wish to prank, call then listen. Once the call is made, it will be automatically recorded so you can listen at any time and share it with anyone.

Your identity will also remain a secret just in case so you won’t be discovered. Prank calls will be made used using your wifi and not with your phone company. If you want a different kind of phone prank call app, you can also download a Voice Changer or Fake Call App.

A Voice Changer allows you to change your voice, so prank calls are more convincing, which will avoid suspicion. My top choice would be ‘Call Voice Changer- IntCall’ as it also allows you to add in sound effects as well.

A fake call app, on the other hand, allows you to schedule fraudulent incoming calls. This can be used in a multitude of ways for April Fool’s, or just to get out of awkward situations with a valid excuse. If you prefer this type of prank, download apps such as ‘Fake Call’ and ‘Fake Caller ID’.

Desktop Prank

Play a modern switch around prank using the desktop of the next victim who opens their computer. This is simple, and the possibilities are endless as it really depends on what screenshot you wish to use.

To begin, take the following steps:

Step 1: Take a desktop screenshot or save an image then right-click on the desktop and to go to the Personalization menu.

Step 2: Once you’re on the Personalization control panel, you can now change the desktop to the screenshot or saved image you previously took.

Step 3: On your desktop right-click and go to ‘View menu’ and uncheck ‘Show Desktop Icons’.

This makes the person’s icons appear the same, but the difference is none of them will respond.

If you want to give someone a cold sweat, how about a screenshot of a broken LCD or the bluescreen of death? No doubt at least for a second they will question if they have enough money in their bank account to buy a new laptop.

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Or prefer a desktop screen more tedious and annoying? Try finding a wallpaper with hundreds of desktop icons and enjoy the look of confusion on your friend’s face as he tries to find his own icons. If it just so happens that someone wants to play this prank on you then don’t worry as we’ve got you covered. Simply press Windows+L when you’re about to leave the room, this will lock your computer preventing any desktop pranks on April Fool’s day.

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