All The Features Of Lucky Patcher App

All The Features Of Lucky Patcher App

Lucky Patcher is an app of Android tool and is the most popular rooted application. This app can patch many applications and games and you can block ads from the apps or remove unwanted system apps, can remove unwanted permissions from the app. With the APK of Lucky Patcher, you can back up the apps which are installed on your memory card.  Lucky Patcher allows you to change the permission on android apps, block ads. The app can be used on android and PC or Windows also with the help of the blue stack.

If you are using Lucky Patcher App then you can control the apps which are installed on your device. So, if you want to control all the apps you need an Android Rooted and then you will get all the features of the application. However, the app can do many things even without rooting the device. You can download Lucky Patcher app for free. Download it from verified sites as you can also get the fake one on many sites.

Let us see all the features of Lucky Patcher app.

Features of Lucky Patcher App

One of the best features of the Lucky patcher techienize is that it even works on non-rooted devices. This feature is rare in this type of tool. However, full app will work only on rooted devices, on non-rooted devices all features might not work.  So, it is better to root your device first.

It searches for all the applications at starting and shows those apps which can be repaired. As you launch the app you can see all the applications and games installed on your phone. When you see the apps, select the one which you want to patch. It also shows which one has ads and which one has a custom patch.

All The Features Of Lucky Patcher App

Lucky Patcher app can remove the purchased verification of the app from most of the apps and Android games. So, with this ap,p you can use paid applications for free.

It can avoid license verification easily.

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Lucky patcher can improve many popular games for Android. It can unlock many features of the games. There are many games which ask for real money to buy things like gems. So with this app, change the games and get unlimited gems, coins for free.

Lucky Patcher has the ability to block Google Ads from any Applications which are on your device.

With this cool app, one can remove the factory set apps which are pre-installed on your device and you can’t remove it on a regular device.

All The Features Of Lucky Patcher App

It also helps you in managing and removing apps without any problem.

Lucky Patcher app will help you in moving those apps which are not possible to move to the external memory device.

You can easily update the app and you don’t need to go and search for any app on their entrance platforms.

With Lucky Patcher app you can easily take back up of any app. You can take a complete backup of your desired program with this app.

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You can easily clear Dalvik Cache without any problem with Lucky Patcher. Your device will stay steady. However, normally if you want to clear Dalvik Cache memory you need to reboot your mobile in a recovery mode.

How to Use the Application?

It is very easy to use Lucky Patcher app. With this app, you can remove license checks and remove all the annoying ads in no seconds. To use this app you must be a root user. Open the app there you will see a list of installed apps which are marked in different colors.

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