how to cop yeezy online

Tips to Cop Yeezy Boost Online

Tips to Cop Yeezy Boost Online

If you are serious about copping the Yeezy, you need to check for the regular updates from the websites which way you will be updated with new Yeezy. The tips which we are going to share with you are the tested by thousands of users. If you don’t want to wait for a pair of Yeezy which is about to go online, following tips will help you to spare a pair of new Yeezy online.

Different people use different technics to cop a Yeezy boost online, however, not everyone is fortunate to get a pair of Yeezys. Still, by making proper use of the given tips, it will improve your chances of copping the perfect Yeezy Boost online. The tips have been worked for many users and for that reason, you too should follow them once and check the results for yourself. Let’s get on to the list of tips to cop Yeezy Boost Online.

Tested and Proven Tips to Cop Yeezy Boost Online

Tip 1: Make use of Different Devices

Adidas keeps track of the user’s IP Addresses which doesn’t let you reach the top position if you use the same device and same Internet connection. What we would advise you is to make use of different and multiple devices.

When any copping for a Yeezy Boost, you can use your Smartphone on a cellular data connection, your PC on Home Internet Network and a laptop or tablet on VPN. This way, Adidas won’t recognize your IP address and account and this way it will increase your chances cop Yeezy Boost. Also and if you’re want to cop multiple Yeezy Boosts, we suggest you use the AIOBOT and proxies to win the release.

Tip 2: Focus on the main Adidas Website

Every new range of Yeezy Boost come with limited stocks. Along with the official Adidas store, different online e-commerce retailers also come up with the flash sale with tiny quantities. Different retailers have tiny stock of the Yeezy Boost which sells out in just a few seconds.

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What you need to do is focusing on the main official website of Adidas. By exploring the proper web, you will get to know the best place from where you cop Yeezy boost.

Tip 3: Keep yourself Logged in

Make sure you keep yourself logged into Adidas’ official website. It will increase your chances to cop Yeezy Boost. This is the easiest way to cop Yeezy Boost online as many of the users have tried it and they succeeded. Keeping yourself Logged into your account will definitely get you a pair of new Yeezy Boost. Adidas is good at taking care of its customers online who are exploring the platform actively. In fact, the most number of sales are done through their online portal.

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Tip 4: Make use of an Auto Refresher

It is highly recommended for the online users to use an Auto Refresher while copping for the Yeezy Boost. Auto Refresher refreshes your web page quickly so it will show you the listing of the Yeezys on time. Sometimes, the sale starts before the given time and when your page refreshes automatically, you don’t need to refresh it manually to check for the sale.

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