best of australia

Best of Australia – List of the best places in Australia

Australia is famous for lots of thing in the world. It has numberless places about nature, construction, history and much more. Every year a large number of people from the world visit it for joy, study and search so when you are ready to visit there is an easy way for you, just click and get full information

best of australia

Freycinet National Park:

It is situated on the east coast of Tasmania in Australia. It was founded in 1916 along with the Mount Field National park. It has a unique value as there is a range of rare and endemic flora species found. The most noticeable and famous thing about this park is that there are a great series of red and pink granite formation in a line which is called “The Hazards”. This park is a great place for tourist as it has lot of things to see and learn with cheap price. So we suggest every tourist that when you visit Australia you must visit this park for much enjoyment.

Sydney Harbour Bridge:

Sydney Harbour Bridge is designed and constructed by the British Engineers in 1932 in Australia. It is world-wise largest steel bridge and it has also long-span Bridge. Some of the places are immediately recognized as the Sydney Habour Bridge, the large center of Sydney Harbour and one of Australia’s most photographic marks. It is also an important bridge for connection between the city of Sydney along the north coast of Mali. But it is not only a bridge, most of the tourist who visits Australia they must visit this bridge. SO we can say that the bridge has become the face of Australia.

 Blue Mountains:

The beautiful Blue Mountains region is located in New South Wales, bordering the Sydney metropolitan area, and offers locals and visitors an ideal escape from the city. The region comprises beautiful landscapes dotted with charming small towns and villages and the chance to enjoy a wide variety of outdoor pursuits, including scenic drives, hiking and cycling, horseback riding, and several adventure sports such as abseiling and canyoning. There is also an extremely high scenic cable-car ride and a scenic railway to enjoy. You can explore 29 of the regions’ attractions on the hop-on-hop-off Blue Mountains Trolley Tour or take a self-guided drive. In addition to all the above attractions, there are caves to explore, relaxing spa experiences, and antiques and crafts to be uncovered.

Bondi Beach:

Everyone has heard of Australia’s iconic Bondi Beach, which welcomes over one million visitors annually. The famous beach forms a golden crescent of soft sand surrounding the clear azure waters of the Pacific Ocean and is the ideal place to spend a surf and sun vacation. The protected waters of the bay are great for surfing and beginners can take lessons with Let’s go Surfing. If ocean bathing is not quite your thing, you can swim in two wonderful surf-side pools or enjoy walking along the 2.5-mile Bondi to Bronte coastal walk, which meanders along the cliff tops overlooking the beach. The entire Bondi Beach area is packed with excellent restaurants and shopping, and the Saturday Bondi Farmer’s Market should not be missed.

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