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Basic Invite : picture graduation invitations cards

In this modern technology world, everyone wants to become a smart person with the help of the latest technologies and new equipment. If we talk about the special occasions, now you don’t need to personally visit the guests and relatives to invite them.

You can now create custom invitation card and send them to your loved ones through a digital platform or can order for the printed cards. Basic Invite has been offering a number of ways to create custom cards and invitations. If you are looking for such platform, then Basic Invite’s detailed review is here.

Basic Invite is one of the oldest platforms for creating custom cards and invitations for different types of users. It’s been there since 2006, and by every passing year, they add more designs and customize options to design the perfect invitation card as per your needs.

The platform creates custom design and invitation card with the help of the latest technology which offers full control to user. It comes with a number of built-in and ready-to-use tools. You can simply use the available tools to create the desired card using this platform. To let you know more about this platform, here we have listed down everything that you might want to know about it to get started with your own Custom Card designs.

Why you should choose Basic Invite?

1. Unlimited Color Options

When it comes to digital card, it should be visually rich to attract the invitees. To make things easier for you, Basic Invite offers almost unlimited color options for the users. Yes, you don’t need to worry about the color selection as the platform lets you pick the perfect color for your card and the letters.

Once you select a suitable card from the given options, you will be provided with unlimited color options page. You can select the dark shade and the platform will present you with hundreds of options which you can select by clicking on to it. There are over 180 different color options available for you to change every single element of the card.

2. Custom Samples

Custom Samples are there for beginners who haven’t tried such platform ever. If you don’t know how to design a card or what things you need to include in it, then you don’t need to worry about it at all. Basic Invite features a number of custom samples with the required details.

This is the only website that lets you order the printed invitation cards from the samples so that you can check the quality of the cards even before you order them. You can easily put trust upon this platform as you will get the same quality of cards when you place an order.

3. Over 40 Different Envelope Colors

Aside from the custom samples and color options, the platform has over 40 unique envelope colors. These envelopes are there with ready-to-use designs, all you need to do is just edit them with the required details and that’s all.

These envelope colors are there for the users to choose the envelope’s color and its design. This should be impressive enough to amaze the invitees and for that reason, you will be given over 40 color options while customizing your card.

4. Special Cards for Graduation Announcements

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Students are always eager to announce their graduations and Basic Invite has got the best way to surprise your friends and relatives with picture graduation cards. You can simply use the readymade picture graduation invitation cards with a picture of your own. You can also create your personal invitations for graduations on the same platform.

Apart from this, you can choose from the readymade cards option where you just need to edit your details. Of course, you can also customize the card and its color options from the given options. You can also make use of Trifold Invitations for Graduations on Basic Invite’s official website.

5. Foil Invitations

You can even add some foil to your invitation cards as Basic Invite offers foil cards in different color options and materials. Currently, the foil cards are available in Gold, Silver, and Rose Gold Color Options. Customers can choose from either flat or raised foil as per their requirements for the cards they are going to order.

6. Address Capturing Service

Being an advanced and the most popular Custom Card designing platform, Basic Invites has introduced a new way to capture the address of the customers. With this innovative service, customers can share the link of the cards on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc to request their friends and family addresses. The given addresses will be stored on the platform which will be used while printing the cards.

Fortunately, Basic Invite doesn’t cost extra money for printing the addresses of the recipients. They offer free printing services for the recipients’ address on the invitation cards.

7. Get 15% Discount with an Active Coupon

Right now, Basic Invite is running a promotional offer for new users who are looking for an affordable card printing service from the web platform. Basic Invite is now offering a 15% flat discount on your order with an Active Coupon code. You can use 15FF51 code to get a 15% discount on your order from the platform.

While checking out or finishing your order, simply copy and paste this code into the Promo Code section and hit the Apply button. The final cost will be reduced by 15% as you have used this code.

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